Who may attend the training?

  • People who want to go and work in the diaspora aged 25- 45 years
  • Persons caring for their loved one at home or in institutions
  • Candidates interested in working in age care organisations or to work as freelance bedside nurses
  • Persons advocating for older persons.
  • Head of institutions caring for older persons.
  • Leaders and counselors of older persons at the districts.

Where is the training? The training is at Kyambogo School of Public health in Kampala.

Who are the organizers? Aged Family Uganda: has been accredited by the Ministry of Education to carry out the training and the curriculum has been approved by the National Curriculum Development Center. The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU) an organization that provides care services to the older persons will provide hands on practicum for the candidates to provide care to the older persons. Experienced lecturers in social Gerontology and Geriatric medicine shall form the core of presenters this will include. The course is accredited by the International University in Singapore and patens with Ujuzi from Kenya.

Nyanzi  Fredrick

Project manager

Gerontologyand care

Namanda Allen


Guidance and counselling

Dr. Ochola Akwirino

Medical consultant

Medical Equipment

Namirimu Sarah

Home manager

Home management nutrition and catering

Wanyana Rose


Fundamentals of nursing

Iremba Wilfred

Bachelor of Nursing

Clinical pharmacology.

Orishaba Anitah


Oncology care