About TAFU

TAFU is guided by the United Nations principles of independence, participation, self fulfilment, care and dignity for older persons.

TAFU recognises that older persons prefer to remain independent in their own homes, that when they need support, they highly value care from family, relatives and their local community. When traditional forms of support are not available, older persons prefer community based care rather than institutional based care.

TAFU is managed by a Volunteer Board and the day-to-day activities are run by 1 full time paid and 3 part time voluntary staff members, all with gerontology experience. Trained nursing aides and volunteers provide home and hospital based care.
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TAFU is based in Nsambya, Kampala. The office is located on the old Ggaba Road opposite St. Joseph’s Girls Secondary School, 3 km from the city centre of Kampala. It currently operates in Kampala, Wakiso, and Luweero Districts of Uganda. TAFU’s main income source is its Hospital Home Care Service. TAFU has also attracted small one off grants locally and from European charities that has enabled it to successfully develop and implement a number of important projects to support older persons. It is proud of its track record.

TAFU can provide its NGO Registration Certificate, its audited financial statement for 2006/2007 and its 2008 – 2012 Strategic Plan to organisations interested in funding TAFU. TAFU can also provide the direct contact details of previous funders if required. Please contact us for more information.

Ageing in Uganda

Uganda is situated on the Equator in the middle of Africa. The River Nile passes through the middle of the country on its journey from Lake Victoria north to Sudan and Egypt. Most people in Uganda live in villages, with only 8% having electricity in their homes and under 2% owning a car. Seventy seven percent of homes have earth floors and most people (82%) use firewood for cooking (Information from 2002 Uganda Census). The World Bank estimated the per capita GDP to be $312 in 2006.

Social protection fund has been introduced in Uganda but is only benefiting 2% of older persons in Uganda whereby each selected older person in the eleven districts of Uganda gets 23,000/= $9 per month. TAFU is advocating for universal non-discriminatory social protection to all older persons in Uganda.

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