Average ages was 45 decades to have upright participants, and you can forty two and 43 ages for lgbt participants respectively

Average ages was 45 decades to have upright participants, and you can forty two and 43 ages for lgbt participants respectively

Average ages was 45 decades to have upright participants, and you can forty two and 43 ages for lgbt participants respectively

Racial composition of test is really as pursue: Upright respondents included thirty two (80%) whites, six (15%) African Us citizens (15%), you to definitely Western Western, and another Latina; gay and lesbian respondents provided 19 (63%) whites, eight (27%) Hispanics, Latinos, or Latinas, you to Ebony, one Local Western/Hispanic, and one Southern American. Family income ranged regarding $40,000 so you’re able to $120,000 which have typically $sixty,000. The typical relationship cycle to possess straight lovers is 17 years, 21 decades to own gay lovers, and you may 14 years towards the lesbian lovers. This Filippinere kvinder Г¦gteskabsagentur difference between relationships years is consistent with most other browse indicating you to lesbian dating is regarding reduced average period than simply gay and you will upright relationships (Andersson ainsi que al., 2006).


Interviews had been examined and you will coded playing with NVivo application and qualitative steps created by Charmaz (2006). Charmaz’s actions create on the a good grounded principle method to focus on the newest structure regarding requirements for the true purpose of developing analytical and you will theoretical interpretation of information. Qualitative coding allows for the introduction off groups and subcategories to help you are from numerous readings off transcripts, as opposed to preset categories. I put inductive need to guide the analysis, distinguishing models and you may abstract groups as they emerged away from readings from the new transcripts. I presented line-by-line categorization to overview every piece of information. 2nd, i used “focused” coding, growing categories from the hooking up 1st range-by-range codes together getting abstract aim and you may development layouts up to partners’ influence on one another’s wellness decisions. From the latest phase out-of studies, we looked at the categories and you can subcategories connected with both to the an abstract top.


We examined interviews with gay, lesbian, and straight respondents so you can know the way people establish health conclusion performs. Participants demonstrated one or two general types of health decisions operate in the relationships. Basic, the majority of gay, lesbian, and you will straight respondents emphasized how one to companion throughout the relationship did health really works up to a particular wellness decisions-an active we refer to given that “official health decisions performs.” Next, a lot of gay and lesbian respondents including explained a dynamic in which one another couples performed wellness operate in mutually strengthening ways-a method we reference just like the “collaborative fitness decisions functions.” The majority of gay and lesbian respondents explained figure from both collaborative and you may certified wellness decisions functions; very few upright respondents discussed collaborative work. Participants further identified why they noticed health choices work taken place inside their matchmaking. I mention these types of factors in detail below.

Formal Health Choices Functions

Participants explained specialized fitness conclusion functions active wherein you to definitely spouse did strive to improve their lover’s health behavior regarding path of a relationship. Results showed that a minumum of one mate within the 80 percent out-of gay lovers (twelve away from 15), 73 percent out-of lesbian partners (eleven off 15), and 85 % off straight marriages (17 off 20) refers to or perhaps is demonstrated from the the partner given that performing specialized functions. Lovers had been for the highest agreement regarding whom performed certified health behavior works and exactly why, and you will implemented two discourses of differences to explain why that lover really does formal health decisions work. Participants highlighted this package mate provides inherently unhealthy choices-necessitating fitness behavior work-or this option partner is actually good “fitness specialist,” carrying even more expertise to execute these types of functions.

Substandard Conclusion

In outlining why you to companion did formal wellness conclusion works while you are additional don’t, everyone in the gay, lesbian, and you will upright relationships presented one to mate given that with naturally unhealthy choices searching for input. Nearly half the new respondents just who discussed authoritative fitness decisions performs utilized it physical stature. Inside the straight couples, guys was indeed generally speaking framed because which have below average behavior needing health really works. Maria illustrated this pattern: