We are a charitable organization that offers a variety of health and care programs, including: caring for the older persons at home or in hospitals, a home for the older persons, training of caregiver nurses, a shop for older persons, and Advocacy. Our primary focus is to enrich the lives of frail or isolated adults through home and hospital care. 

The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU) is a registered Non Government Organisation (NGO) whose mission is to advocate for and provide support to older persons in Uganda.

The plight of older persons receives little attention in Uganda. TAFU plays an important role in awareness raising and advocacy. It is a founding member of a National Network of Older Persons Organisations (NNOPU) in Uganda to provide a more powerful voice for older persons.

TAFU operates an elderly and home care service and has managed income generating projects to support older women, HIV and AIDS projects to support orphaned grandchildren and an adult literacy project for older persons. TAFU also has a Befriending Programme that links volunteers to isolated older persons. TAFU also operates a cow project in which 10 grandchildren have benefited and have been educated in a boarding school, St, John Baptist Primary School Kisugu.


TAFU was formed in 1999 by two members, Mr. Nyanzi Fredrick and Mr. Ssemanda Richard who were aware of the plight of older persons in Uganda and wanted to make a difference.

In 2001 TAFU was registered by the NGO Board to operate in Kampala District and that year received funds to organise the first Older Persons International Day held in Uganda. In 2002 TAFU received its first overseas grant for an income generating poultry project. In 2004 TAFU commenced its elderly and home care service. Its registration was expanded in 2005 to include Wakiso, Luweero, Kumi, Masaka, Mityana and Mukono Districts. In 2006 TAFU was granted a tax exempt status for all its activities. At the end of 2007 a total of 450 older persons had been direct beneficiaries of TAFU. In 2016, TAFU was granted status to operate in all district of Uganda.

In 2017 TAFU has been so vibrant in advocating for land matters to the older persons in rural areas of Luweero District.

TAFU is now organising the first Senior Citizens Convention on 1st October 2017 to mark the international day of older persons.