5th International training in Gerontology and caregiving (Certificate in first aid)

13th February – May 2023

Conference costs: 1,447,000/= Uganda shillings

Who may attend the training?

  • People who want to go and work in the diaspora aged 25- 45 years
  • Persons caring for their loved one at home or in institutions
  • Candidates interested in working in age care organisations or to work as freelance bedside nurses
  • Persons advocating for older persons.
  • Head of institutions caring for older persons.
  • Leaders and counselors of older persons at the districts.

Where is the training?

The training is at Kyambogo School of Public health in Kampala.

Who are the organizers?

Aged Family Uganda:  has been accredited by the Ministry of Education to carry out the training and the curriculum has been approved by the National Curriculum Development Center.

The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU) an organization that provides care services to the older persons will provide hands on practicum  for the candidates to provide care to the older persons.

 Experienced lecturers in social Gerontology and Geriatric medicine shall form the core of presenters this will include.

  • Dr. David Mabilizi based in USA and founder and director of Harvey Institute Of Health Sciences-Nkozi
  • Dr. Michael A. Bermudez Ed.D. from University of Scranton U.S.A
  • Mrs. Maria Najjemba trainer of caregivers in UK
  • Mr. Frederick Nyanzi Executive Director. The Aged Family Uganda
  • Mr. Simon Peter Kitandwe Physiotherapists.

The course is accredited by the International University in Singapore and patens with Ujuzi from Kenya.

Topics to cover

  • Introduction the concepts of Social Gelotology.
  • Caregiving to the elderly.
  • Common diseases and problems of older persons and solutions.
  • Activities of daily living.
  • Introduction and application of geriatric medicine.
  • Physiotherapy and massage.
  • Demography of global ageing.
  • The elderly act and policy on aging in Uganda.
  • Advocacy for older persons in Uganda.
  • Capacity building for Age Care organizations.

Mode of delivery in the training conference.

Experienced lecturers shall use the following methods of lecturing:

  • Face to face lecturing
  • Role play.
  • Discussion methods.
  • Internship hands on an older person from Nkozi Hospital and Mukwaya Hospital.
  • Zoom meetings with aged care organizations from UK and USA.
  • Video illustrations.
  • Practical work.

Expected outcome

Members who will attend the training are expected to benefit in the following ways.

Obtain an international certificate from Aged Family Uganda and its international affiliates in collaboration with The Aged Family Uganda, providing them a chance to work in the diaspora.

Be able to work in any international age care organization providing care services to older persons.

Be able to provide care services to their loved ones at home.

Be able to provide good advocacy and articulate the issues of older persons basing on the act and policy of older persons in Uganda.

Very good capacity building for e organization working in the field of ageing.


Conference organizers: 0782166162, 0755995858

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