Our Activities

A. Caring for the older persons at home or in hospitals.

  • We have well trained Nurses and caregiver nurses to care for your loved one at home  or in hospitals providing bedside services in hospitals.
  • Our nurses can be on call to provide services for hours a day, week or for months.
  • Our nurses can stay at home caring for the older persons 24hours 7days in a week.

B. Home for the older persons

  • We have a well furnished apartment where your loved one can stay for a day, weeks or months.
  • Our home for the older persons is really a home away from home a recreation center and rehabilitation home for older persons.
  • We provide physiotherapy to resident older persons on a visit.
  • We organise recreations for older persons   to provide outings to older persons.

c. Training of caregiver nurses

  • Patterning with Hervey Institute of Healthy Science Nkozi we train caregiver nurses to care for older persons providing them with an international Certificate in Caregiving to older persons.
  • We train nurses in Gerontology and geriatric medicine.
  • We provide  practicum Placements lessons to in turn nurses who are going to care for older persons
  • We provide hands-on practical placements to caregivers going to work in homes of older persons in the diasporas.
  • We can train you close loved ones or house maid to provide care services to your loved one when you cannot afford our services.

D.  A shop for older persons.

Together with Free Ways Medical Services we sell support equipment to older persons, medication for the aged and all requirements of older persons. Mention any item you need for older persons we can provide it.

E. Advocacy

The Aged Family Uganda  is a charitable organisation that advocates  for older persons. Under advocacy we provide the following services;

  •  We organise capacity building workshops to  our staff, community, organisations advocating for older persons, politicians and Government officers on how the issues of older persons can be handled.
  • We organise Christmas and Easter parties for older persons and we also provide one meal a day.
  • We organise outreach programmes to older persons.
  • We provide palliative care services to older persons in; Luweero, Wakiso and Mpigi Districts.
  • We celebrate the international day of older persons every year. On that day, we provide free salon service, free charity shop, free meals a day, a medical camp and free donations to older persons.
  • We have come up with a befriending programme where able persons or organizations can adapt older persons for support.