Title: Trying to find Atlantis (Area step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Age, Party

Title: Trying to find Atlantis (Area step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Age, Party

Title: Trying to find Atlantis (Area step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Age, Party

Genre: Action/Excitement, Anxiety, Hurt/Comfort. it’s a mixed bag.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‘Adrift’ 4×02 ‘Lifeline’ 4×03 moldovan kone ‘Reunion’ (Set, post 4×04 ‘Doppleganger’)Summary: Regardless of how hard it is, Atlantis has been destroyed without it’s chief.Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Mention: That it fic is inspired by John and Ronon’s eager should has Age back into demand.

Teyla watched on doorway when it comes to second date you to month, Ronon are packing their things to get-off. She’d spotted him you to very first time, waited outside the doorway up until Colonel Carter got leftover, their effort thwarted by their stubbornness in advance of she’d moved toward home, common a glance with your and you will watched your remain packing.

“I am aware there clearly was somehow to resolve this. tension, you and Colonel Carter appear to display.” Teyla attempted, gesturing along with her hands in an attempt to make their own point have a look a great deal more, relevant.

The guy gone close to their, quicker than simply she would expected and you will stared down within her with a beneficial brutal frustration to your an absent cluster. “This is why I am making.”

“Really?” Ronon stalked to your window in advance of flipping quickly and you can stalking right back with the her. “John was a buddy, I am aware one Teyla however, Carter. she will never ever change-”

“Zero, she’s going to maybe not. Neither would If only you to she you can expect to. However you have to know, Ronon, all of us miss Age, more than others. ” she glanced during the floor gently for a moment, before meeting his eyes again. “. but we go on since the we understand this particular is really what she’d need, we know you to Age would not want Atlantis to fall.”

“While the I can’t remain.” The guy told you lightly, flipping out-of their particular and you can twisting his hand in the cloth off his wallet. Teyla spotted him gently when he gained the remainder factors for the his sleep ahead of the guy looked up during the decorate with the wall surface and you may achieved when deciding to take they off.

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“Promote this in order to McKay?” the guy expected as he introduced they to their. Teyla got they having a dim expression and you will held the color tightly inside her hand.

“We’ll pick.” She smiled and you can Ronon didn’t let but mirror they, although not faintly. Appearing their unique over if you will, the guy smiled down in the their previously-growing stomach after that pushed the latest paint away and you can pulled their unique into his arms into the a rigid embrace.

She nodded up against their boobs due to the fact she tucked by herself in his accept, inhaling a perfume which had always troubled their own, beckoned their particular.

They both said they, they’d each other choose provides her family, than has actually Carter keeping the new throne warm

Releasing their away from their arms, he shrugged towards the their finish and picked up his handbag. Tucking his weapon into the it’s holster he realized her top sleeve carefully when he remaining the area rather than yet another word.

Carter endured at the top of new staircase enjoying because the Ronon readied himself to exit, making certain that that which you is actually strapped upwards accurately and his holster was tightened securely.

Ronon seemed right up on Colonel, smirking snidely because she began walking along the stairs into him and saw because Stargate engaged.

Ronon looked to build their method through the gate, though curiously avoided in the front of it. Carter watched your closely when he merely endured truth be told there, staring at case views because if waiting around for some thing. Rodney and you may Teyla was basically reputation a number of paces about their own and you may all of those other gateroom had their eyes caught on the his right back, in the event appeal try removed out of the people using the slowest action possible from the entrance, towards the sound regarding beating footsteps from the passageway off the gateroom.